Hello Jupiter, this is Josh reporting from San Fran Cisco

I'm putting together the Korean War short film project, the crew is coming together nicely! Here's the link to an early draft of the script (if you are NOT Jupiter do NOT open): script to 'Beauty of Sorrow.' Currently thinking about making it a little more politically didactic, I'm not allergic to "lecture-y" material atm.

awaiting the Kung Fu Panda 4 trailer tomorrow, I'll keep you updated on whether it's good or not. I hope you have a fun time with your toys, you have some good stuff in there, can't wait to see you again. I saw "May December" on Netflix, I thought it was excellent. HIGHLY RELEVANT to my thoughts about Netflix Digital Film Grain Synthesis, outlined here, there was some REALLY intense film grain synthesis artifacting I saw on my end (weird digital clipping/blocks of color with very clearly rendered film grain on top, nothing I've seen outside of Netflix specifically), I might go into it on another post, but a little sneak preview here. Also saw "The Boy and the Heron" which I also really enjoyed, I think it's pretty top-tier Miyazaki. I read that this film was the first time Miyazaki trusted his collaborators enough (or maybe he just got too old) to tackle some of the character designs and movement and yadda yadda. I wonder if seeing it again with that in mind will inform my viewing. I prefer the spirit of collaboration than this vice grip philosophy on the final film. Unrelated, I'm still thinking about things I might add to the "Near Utopia" script, but I also am not opposed to keeping it lean, and making it a slightly easier project for the actors to memorize all the lines

Anyway, again, we all miss you and we hope to see you very soon. with love, Josh