im writing this from my phone, like i write most of my screenplays. i just had a party where we celebrated my graduating the mfa cinema program from san francisco state university. it was a blast! on the way to the party, my friend birdy who also graduated this semester (and had an exceptional thesis film) found a pin on the sidewalk with the pokey bit sticking out. she picked it up to prevent someone from stepping on a sharp pin bit, and turned it around to see that it said "All you need is Park" on it. (Park is my last name, for those uninitiated). the surrealism of that anecdote lines up nicely with graduation, life, simple quiet miracles that don't change very much to indicate a state-change but are certainly worth thinking about. i came back from Furiosa just now, and its epic scale and sweeping melodrama really got me. i loved it so much. george miller ... happy feet.......

my friend miles made an observation a little bit ago about how students working in an artistic medium seem to equate spectatorship with creation which causes frustration when the medium turns out to be a technical craft. i've been thinking about that a lot, and i realize that seems like such a good way to conceptualize where students start, and breaking them out of that mode of thinking seems helpful for my pedagogy. now i have to figure out the ways to teach.. good..

my movie 'Beauty of Sorrow' is now in the mixing stage. i can't believe what came out of it. a project that was sort of put together on a whim that ended up cultivated so much passion and excitement, for others as well as myself, is such a cool thing to witness. i'm excited to share it. the cinematographer of the project sarah is using it as a sample for something. that is pretty awesome to me. i hope i get to keep working with her and everyone else that was on that thing.

i've been working in preproduction on my next project "You approached with such ambivalence I wasn't sure if you saw me." also very excited for that one. madison is the lead actor who i've never worked with before but they also wanted to produce and have been doing an awesome job. im glad to keep making new friends. lots of cool people at the aforementioned party who i hope to collaborate with in the future. i cant believe shari heck is making the music. i just cannot believe it.

im realizing now that making movies my entire life (both in the sense of "having made movies my whole life" but also "having made movies the main priority of my life") has not been a bad choice. good night